Monday, February 27, 2017

What a month

Can you believe all that the last 5 weeks have held? Heath came home from his mission. We had a big gathering of family and friends come out to church and the house. The boys have been job hunting and helping around the house. Heath landed a full time job but it doesn't start until March 5th. We all took turns getting very very sick. We went to Disneyland! and now we are home and back to life again.

The Boys

It has been a blast having the boys home together. They are so cute together. Can I call them cute even though they are adults? (Kirkham says he is not an adult though he is 18. He says the government only classifies him as an adult for its own benefit: taxes) Its nice to see how grown up Heath is and how his good attitude is wearing off on everyone. He is a hard worker and has been very helpful. He fixed the broken clutch in the truck and has been tinkering with tons of other things. His sisters love having him around too and are constantly teasing him and trying to wrestle him. He plans to go back to school in August and until then will be working at Westport LLC, a yachtbuilding company here in Westport.

Disneyland was a blast

We were last there 10 years ago and the kids enjoyed reminiscing about what they could remember from before and enjoying the big rides they couldn't do before. Cora's favorite was the California Screaming Roller Coaster. I think my favorite was Space Mountain.

It was a memorable trip for two reasons. First, we were sick. Afton threw up for the first 3 hours of the car ride. We almost turned around in Portland but she refused. We had stopped at VooDoo donuts in Portland because Dave had promised Cora. Afton couldn't even go in the shop because she was so sick. She puked in the street. She fit right in with the midnight downtown crowd. We had a good laugh about that.

She wasn't the only one to get sick. I pretty much couldn't eat the whole time. I was still having stomach trouble from being sick the days before we left. I was able to go on the rides without any trouble though. Heath got sick the first night we were in the hotel. High fever and throwing up all night. He felt great the next day though!

The second reason the trip was memorable was because of the torrential rain. Record breaking rain. Disneyland flooded! But we had paid good money so we stayed. We were soaked to the bone even though we had ponchos. But we kept riding rides up until the last ones were closed. It was fun and we got on a lot of rides because most people left the park. For instance, we made it onto the Peter Pan ride! In all his years of going to Disney as a kid and with school groups Dave has never been able to get on that ride. We did. It was cool.

We really liked all the usual rides like Indiana Jones and Splash Mountain and Soaring over the World. That's to be expected. An unexpected ride that we loved was Woody's arcade in California Adventure park. It was one of our last rides sadly. I wish I had had an opportunity to do it a few times. In the end though we were tired. Very tired and satisfied with the rides we got. In fact we left after the electrical parade instead of staying until closing (the second day the rains had slowed and the park resumed all normal activities). The kids said they couldn't imagine spending a whole week at Disney, 2 days was enough. I agree.

The only thing that was disappointing is that it wasn't warmer. I was really hoping to have some hot sun. The cold days here in Westport are wearing on me. I'm glad that we have had a lot of clear sunny days but its so deceptive to go outside and be greeted by 35 degrees and wind. UGH.

Wanna Get Away

To combat the I'm-too-cold blues I think I will be planning a trip to Oklahoma/Arkansas this May. I graduate from University of Arkansas then. I'm thinking of flying into OKC to visit my sister and then dragging her along to my graduation. It's just a 3 hour drive. It will give us some time together, give me some southern warmth and sunshine, and the opportunity to go to my graduation. Woohoo.

Other Tidbits

I have begun writing for an online newsmagazine called It has been fun and a little stressful. It makes me so happy to see my stuff in print for reals, and not just this silly blog stuff :-)
Dave's dissertation was published and so he is officially, officially done. Finally.

The girls start fast pitch in the upcoming weeks. Afton starts today and Cora in a couple weeks. This is another new sport for them so I am excited to see them learn new skills. Volleyball was their first successful transition. Lets hope fastpitch is more of the same.

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