Friday, January 13, 2017

One More Week!

My boy returns in ONE WEEK! I can't believe it. It is surprising how quickly two years has gone but at the same time so much has happened it seems like longer.

We last saw him in person when we dropped him off at the MTC. He was young and a little unsure of himself. I'm sure he was scared to death but at the same time excited to get out on his own.

I'm hoping he comes back a confident, strong man, ready to take on the world. From the letters we've received I know he has changed. He has a stronger testimony of the Gospel and a stronger belief in himself. Can't wait to give this man a big hug!

But before I do I have a lot to get done this week. He will get home and that same weekend a big bunch of friends and family will descend upon little Westport to come to hear his homecoming report. I am using this as motivation to get a few things done around the house. 

Here is this week's list:

  • Get a dresser for the boys bedroom
  • Get a mattress for Heath
  • Build platform for Heath's bed
  • Make a lemon meringue pie for Heath
  • Make donairs for Heath's first meal home on Saturday per Heath's request (figure out what donairs are)
  • Make a "Welcome Home Elder Dooley" sign
  • Prepare food for Sunday luncheon after church. On the menu: Kalua Pork, Chicken Katsu, Rice, Hawaiian Mac Salad, Fresh Fruit, Hawaiian Dream Cake
  • Build a Bookcase so we can finally unpack all our boxes and clear up some space for guests to mill around in
  • Tidy up the garage so the kids can play ping pong at the luncheon
  • All the regular housework: dishes, laundry, sweep, vacuum, tidy, bathrooms, bedrooms
  • Some extra housework: windows, dusting, wipe all handles and knobs, clean off front door from puppy paws,
In addition I have the following responsibilities this week
  • Pitch new stories for my freelance writing job with
  • Write a story about cooking razor clams for
  • Make home visits to 2 new families and 3 sick women in our branch (did I tell you I'm the Relief Society President?)
  • Prep for presidency meeting on Wednesday night: agenda, phone calls, visiting teaching numbers
  • Start my last semester of classes with University of Arkansas

I also have a long list of other things I really should do but they won't be getting done this week

  • Sell textbooks, sheet music, jewelry and other stuff on ebay
  • organize sewing and craft stuff in new office cupboards
  • build desks for office
  • properly file paperwork that has been stuffed into a box for the last year
  • get new auto insurance
  • file taxes
  • cancel my Hawaii business licence (I've done this twice now but keep getting notices. I must have done something wrong).
  • Straighten out the emergency sub certificate situation
  • hang pictures
  • paint some walls
  • make headboards for the girls beds
  • make a headboard for my bed
  • Get some artwork
And there are so many other things I could write down but for sanity's sake I'll stop right there.

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