Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Catch Up

The power went out last night so I never got around to posting.

Instead I spent the evening making arrangements to be cold and without water for possibly 3 days. We are on a well and so when the power goes out the well pump doesn't work and we don't get water. I was unprepared.

So last night I didn't get around to blogging. I also was unable to submit my article to GraysHarborTalk, which was due by midnight. I also didn't get to work on my new bookcase, nor prep for my presidency meeting.

In the middle of the night I got an emergency call from a family in our ward. The dad had to go to the ER and I needed to bring their teen daughter to the house with us.

This morning I spent more time in emergency mode, both on behalf of the ailing family and on behalf of my family without power or water. School was cancelled so I put my girls to work cleaning.

The power came on and I went to submit my article and it was GONE! When the power went out I guess I lost it. I couldn't retrieve it from anything. Had to rewrite.

It is now 2pm. Article is submitted. Quick blog post. Time to prep for the presidency meeting I have tonight.

I'm sure I'm forgetting something.

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