Tuesday, July 19, 2016

On A Dime

Just when you think you've settled in and have got it figured out, things change.

Two weeks ago we accepted a new job. In less than two weeks we will be leaving our island home and making for the cold ocean shores of Westport, Washington.


Yeah, it's out there. But, it has surf. That's what's important.

Just a month or two ago we gave up on buying a house here in Hawaii, however, last week we made an offer on a new house there in Washington and it looks like, after 5 long years of renting, we will be homeowners again in about a month!


Well, kinda a beach house.  We are the second house back from the beach with deeded access to the beach down a little path. Do you see the little bit of surf out there? Do you? Do you?!!

And here is a close up of the beach that will make you drool . . .

Beach for as far as the eye can see.

The last two weeks have not been as glamorous as this lovely stretch of beach.  Instead it has looked a lot like this

 It has not been a pretty sight. Everything in the house is a constant mess. I sort through and organize and pack it all piece by piece. Then everything that gets pulled out gets sold. Lots of stuff is getting sold. I feel like I am selling practically everything.  I learned when I moved out here that stuff wasn't that important and I'm not sure I want all this stuff that has been damaged by the sun and heat and humidity of Hawaii. I'm even considering selling my beloved Bosch. This stuff is getting serious!

If you're local I'm also still trying to find a home for my Suzuki Esteem Wagon, Dave's Ford F350 Crew Cab, a piano, a bird, and a lot of odds and ends. Follow my Facebook for all the details!

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