Friday, June 17, 2016

Negative and Positive Feedback

Good advice from Performance Coach Carol Wilson for managers, parents, teachers, . . . everyone:

"Negative feedback is best given in private to the person concerned.
"There are times and places for giving positive feedback. These are the parameters: 
  1. As often as you can 
  2. Only when it is deserved 
  3. Immediately 
  4. In public if the recipient is not shy and if it will not belittle the contribution of other members of the team 
  5. Direct to the recipient 
  6. To the recipient’s boss 
"Surveys show that people value satisfaction in their work even more than money. One of the best ways of raising employees’ satisfaction is to tell them specifically the difference they have made and where they are good at their jobs, every day and as often as is appropriate."

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