Friday, May 20, 2016

I've Been Doing A Lot of This Lately

Hi Ara,
I am pretty booked up right now and I'm not taking on any new projects for a while. But I do have two recommendations for people who you can call who I think could fit your daughter's dress in.  Both of them are excellent seamstresses. My first choice would be Nan Xxxxxx. Her phone number is xxx-xxxx or xxx'xxxx. Call her right away because she does get booked up too. She has done a lot of wedding dresses and formals. My second choice would be Aurie Xxxxxxx. She too does great work and I can highly recommend her. Her number is xxx-xxxx

I hope one of them works out for you. Congratulations on the wedding! What an exciting time for your family! Thank you for thinking to ask me, I appreciate your consideration.

I have been learning how to say "No" nicely. At least I think I'm doing it nicely. What do you think?

This has been a very difficult thing for me to do. I enjoy helping people out. I enjoy using my talents. I like sewing and creating new things and making beautiful things and solving problems.

I don't like being stressed out and having too many things to do. I don't like having to tell my kids that I'm too busy to help them with something.  I don't like not having the time to do a job perfectly (or as close to perfect as I am capable).

This has been a year full of things to be done: from housework, to homework; from teaching at the University to teaching in Seminary; from costumes to student development. Not to mention being a supportive wife and mother and friend. There has been a lot on my plate and it has been a learning experience. I have learned how to better manage my time, how to better prioritize my task list, how to let things go, and how to say "no".

How do you say no nicely?

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