Friday, January 08, 2016

The End of the Road: Our Last Summer Adventure

Found this in my unpublished posts. This was originally written in July of 2015.

Kids go back to school this week which makes me really sad.  I always miss having them around. Before going back, however, we decided we needed to have an adventure day: a day to explore the one part of the island we have never been. We went south side, past Makaha all the way to Yokohama beach and the Kaena Point south trailhead.

Mom and Cora with Dave to the far right and Kirkham behind.  Not pictured but also in the car: Afton and Beau Kapeliela (friend from Washington who is a student at BYUH)

We loaded up early with picnic supplies and surfboards, snorkel gear and tennis shoes.  We didn't really know what the day would offer so we prepared ourselves for everything. We brought along our handy Oahu Revealed travel guide which is full of little known facts, stories and destinations.

Cora, Afton, Dave, Kirkham, Beau 

Here we are at the end of the road.  That was easy. It took us about 90 minutes to get here from our house. It was a beautiful day and nice and all but we decided not to go explore too far.  We had too much gear to leave in the truck and Dave's back wasn't feeling up to it anyways.

It looked pretty enough but we know that if there aren't any locals playing in it then it is not safe.  We stayed on shore.

This cave was pretty cool.  It was on the island side of the road heading back to Makaha from the end of the road. It went back quite a ways and we had fun exploring it.  Glad we had cellphones for flashlights but wished we had real ones.

Afton must prove that she is at peace

Cora and Dave join Afton, showing off their Karate kid moves.

Along the way we found the famed Electric Beach.  We were really hoping for a little more.  It was a hole in the wall beach, literally. Very small. Very unmarked. Felt a little sketchy. We did it anyways. I'm not a snorkelling fan so I stayed on the beach to read and babysit the gear in the truck.  Dave and the kids snorkeled out into the bay and said they had a great time.  The current gets a little strong here so it is not advised to go out without fins and excellent swimming skills. We heard there are usually dolphins playing here.  We didn't see any.

With Electric  Beach out of the way we decided to grab some grub at McDonalds. It wasn't in the original plan but they were having a 59 cent hamburger sale and we just couldn't resist. Everyone got two burgers and ice cream cone (also on sale for 59 cents). Such big spenders!

After filling our bellies we drove out to White Plains beach to burn off the calories. The beach was CROWDED and the waves were big and crazy.  The beach is huge there and when Kirkham and Afton grabbed their boards and ran out into the water they quickly disappeared. I quickly freaked out! I finally spotted Kirkham way, way out on the outside--thank goodness he had a yellow rash guard on--and made Dave paddle out to him to make sure he was safe.  By this time Afton realized the rashness of her decision and had caught the first inside wave she could catch and came in landing 200 yards down the beach from where she had set in! The currents were strong.

With Afton and Cora accounted for and Dave going out to retrieve Kirkham I quickly caught my obligatory three waves on some inside breaks that were crappy and sloppy and big. Done. We left satisfied that we don't have to go back. It is checked off our list.

Since it was an adventure day we took a different road home.  A back road called Kaukonahua Road that goes from Wahiawa to Haleiwa.  It was beautiful! We will take this road again. A lot less traffic and even more stunning views (hard to believe I know) than Hwy 99 through the pineapple fields.

We had a fabulous day today enjoying the beauty of our island. We are glad to have explored the last corner but now what do we do?

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