Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Journal entry

My car is squealing so this morning, when the kids needed a ride to school because Cora had a project too big to bike with, I took them in the truck. Totally forgot the registration was expired until that kind officer reminded me with a hefty ticket. I also forgot the insurance card in my pile of mail in the kitchen. The officer said he couldn't just take my word for it and he was obliged to write me an additional $134 reminder. 

Fortunately the shop was quiet this morning. I needed some time alone with the costumes to sort things out and see how we are doing. 10 more days to the first dress rehearsal and still quite a few missing pieces. Lots of sewing in my near future. The shop is now clean and organized and ready to be destroyed again. 

Kirkham and I set to work on my car after school. Have to remove the front passenger side tire to get access to the serpentine belt. We got the tire off but the serpentine belt was a bit trickier. Dave was happy we got stuck and happily took a few wrenches to it when he got home from work. The belt is fine but the idler pulley is not. Gotta get a new one tomorrow and hope it is a fairly quick fix. From what I've read online the repair would cost somewhere around $500 at a shop. That's worth a couple days work to me. 

The surf was finally nice today. Partly because all the kiddos are back in shool and the beach is empty again, and partly because I finally went back to a long board. My board is under repair right now and I've been using a short board but the waves have not been conducive to good short boarding. I used Dave's red Harbor and caught about 15 good waves--small but fun--in about 30 minutes time. 

Tonight I finished putting my class on Canvas. First class is tomorrow. Excited and nervous. I've done the class several times before but I always change it a bit and of course it is always different because of different students. I love teaching student development. I only hope the students are getting something from it. It would be a shame for all my hard work to be going to waste. Crossing my fingers for tomorrow!

Tonight I am thankful for a patient and skilled husband, a helpful and obedient son, a hardworking and dedicated daughter and an artistic and lighthearted daughter. I am also grateful for my missionary, that no students came into the shop today when I needed alone time, and that the waves were decent. Oh, also had two friends contact me out of the blue. That was nice. Okay, now I think I can sleep. 

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