Friday, January 08, 2016

A Year Full of Injuries

We don't get hurt much here in the Dooley household but occasionally we like to go all out.  I was going through pictures today and found these beauties.  Enjoy? Thankfully the list is short this year. I, by far, was injured more than anyone else.  A few items not listed that ailed me was a broken toe, an injured shoulder, sprained wrist, and countless bumps and bruises; most sustained while surfing. Here's to health and happiness in 2016!

From January of 2015 sustained injuries from surfboard. Used crutches for 2 days post injury. Ended up with bruising from mid thigh down to the ankle. Still have a divot in my calf that the doctor says probably won't ever go away. 
Cora took a mean mosquito bite to the eye lid when we were camping.  It took about a week for the swelling to go down.  It happened again 2 months later.
This happened when I took a board to the noggin. I had a slight concussion, this goose egg and a headache for days. Don't remember much else.

Kirkham slipped on a sewer grate and this happened! Took us all by surprise.  Thankfully it healed quickly and it didn't bug him at all on our Kauai hiking adventure 2 weeks later.

Another surf injury this one sustained on December 31st. Spotted some sharks on the outside of the break and took the next wave in.  Was a little too anxious, got into the wave at the wrong spot and took a spin in the washing machine (when the waves grabs you and you get stuck in the middle of it spinning. sucks!).  In the spinning my fins whacked me on the backside of the head and the leash got wrapped around my legs. I was a little freaked.  A week later I still have the goose egg on the back of my head and the bruises on my legs. I'm just grateful I got away from the sharks.

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