Friday, November 13, 2015

What's Up?

Long time no see! Hope you all are doing well out there in the wide world.  Despite the lack of communication the Dooley family is doing well. 

The school year is moving by at a quick pace. Already semester one at BYU-H is done and semester two has begun. I really enjoyed the students I worked with last semester. My student development class was the best ever. I don't know if it is the kids I had or if I've finally become comfortable enough with the material to enjoy the class.  Probably a combination of the two; the kids were really awesome. The theater class was great also and the only downside to the semester is that it ended with graduation: Ingrid's graduation. 

I am very sad to say good-bye to my talented and devoted student worker Ingrid Veliz.  She has been a joy to work with these past 18 months and I will miss her.  I went to my first graduation ceremony here at BYU-H--dressed in my robes and all--just to see her graduate.  I'm proud of her and hope she does great things.

This semester is off to a good start though I only have the theater class. Not enough students enrolled in Student Development so my section was cancelled. I may still teach it second term but that is yet to be determined. Theater has four students enrolled and all of them are top notch. They all come in with some great basic skills, are go getters and enthusiastic.  I love when fate throws me a team like this! We are costuming Fiddler on the Roof this semester!

While beginning this second semester at BYU-H I am just past halfway through my first semester at University of Arkansas. My graduate program is awesome! I am so excited about everything that I am learning. My classes are: Global Sourcing, Adult Learning Theories, and Linkages in Technology, Economics and Societal Values. Global Sourcing is a study of the Global Fashion Industry, it's framework, laws, ethics, sustainability and all that jazz.  I knew it was complex but this class is opening my eyes to the vast complexity and interconnectedness throughout politics, cultures, and business. In Adult Learning I am studying the different theories of education as they apply to adult learners. Many of the ideas we talk about in class I can immediately apply in my teaching. It is helping me to be more confident and hopefully effective. The Linkages class is an intense study of  technology and societal values over all of human history in an effort to find patterns for sustainability.  It is a second term class so there is a lot stuffed into a short amount of time, a little stressful but a fascinating study.

I was also called to be a seminary teacher this year. Joy of joys! Seriously! I have always thought it would be fun to be a seminary teacher and have enjoyed the challenge. I team teach which means I only teach every other week. This is nice in some ways: get a week to get extra sleep, extra time to study, share other responsibilities. But in other ways it is not so great: don't feel quite the connection with the kids that I would if it were all the time, I slack off on my weeks off. I feel like this has been an inspired call from the Bishop as it has helped me to really focus on being a better teacher and it keeps me in the scriptures constantly.  I really have to manage my time carefully to be able to keep up with seminary and my other activities and I have felt the Lord's hand support me in my demands.

The biggest bummer so far has been that I haven't been running for a while.  Seminary makes it really hard to keep on my regular workout routine. I also have been inundated by injuries. I broke my toe a few months ago and it is finally starting to not ache.  I didn't run the Gunstock half marathon in October because I hadn't been training and it looks like I won't be able to run the Laie marathon in December. I was going to start up my running again this week (it's been my week off seminary) but I got the flu and was in bed--literally-- for 3 days. I'll go for a test run next week to see how far I can go.  That will determine whether or not I'll do the marathon.

I know you're wondering if I've kept up on my daily surf session and the answer is a resounding YES! Yes, even though I was deathly ill this week I have gone out to surf.  Yes, even though I had a broken toe I have surfed. Yes, even though I have been injured countless other times, I have surfed. Yes,  though life has been full, I have surfed. Today is 265 days. It hasn't always been easy and hasn't always been fun. I have learned a lot about myself by doing this experiment that I will have to detail in another post on another day.

I'd love to go on and catch you up on all the fun stuff going on in the life of the kids and Heath and Dave but I am plum out of time and will need to save that for another day too.  I really miss blogging and hope to make that a more regular part of my life again. It is nice to put my life into words to relive and re-experience it. Though I haven't been writing much I do look at my blog a lot: searching for pictures, recipes, favorite quotes, whatever. It is a powerful tool that I intend to implement more fully in the future.

Thank you for your patience with me as I grow and learn. I am grateful for the life I live and the people I am surrounded by. Hope to talk to you again soon!

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