Monday, August 17, 2015

We Can Repent

In my Student Development class today we were discussing procrastination.  One of my students was leading the discussion. She asked, "How does procrastination make you feel?"

The immediate change in the room was palpable.  Shoulders slumped, brows furrowed. The air was suddenly heavy and thick. "Stressed" mumbled one of the students. "Tired" offered another. "It makes me worried and achey." sighed the final reply.

My mind suddenly flashed back to this morning's discussion in seminary. The topic was Adam and Eve being cast out from the garden. "How do you think they felt;" I asked, "how do you feel when you sin?" No words were offered then but the weight was the same.  Their hearts were heavy and their eyes sad. They knew the feeling.

I revealed my thoughts to my college class and confided "The answer is the same! We repent!". Like a fresh breeze the spirit whooshed into the room and filled us all up. An audible sigh of relief as I recited the definition of repentance in the bible dictionary, "Repentance is a change of mind, a fresh view."

"We can repent and start over." I reiterated as other excited whispers began to swirl across the room. "That reminds me of  . . ." and "I just read this morning . . ." and "remember when . . ." all briskly bubbled up into the discussion as the Spirit bore witness to us that the atonement is real. We are all sinners missing the mark in one way or another and we all need His help to reset our sights and be a little better.

I am thankful to work at a church University where I can share my impressions and testimony freely with my students. I love my job and the opportunity I have to be a seminary teacher, and that those two spheres can miraculously collide in ways that strengthen my testimony. I am so very grateful for my testimony of the Atonement of Jesus Christ; that a way has been provided for me to continue to improve and progress in every aspect of my life.

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