Friday, August 21, 2015

Feeling Productive

Only a few days left until grad classes begin and I am doing a mad dash to organize my life before things get real crazy. Two weeks ago I started this crazy race with a 2 page, double column list of to-do's and today I am down to one single-sided, single-columned page. Woohoo!

Some of the items on the list were little like put a new battery in the clock, email someone, or cancel an appointment. But others were big--real big--and I had been putting them off for months. At least half of my list was filled with large tasks that required multiple small to-do's beneath.  These monsters had been haunting me and I really needed to get them off my back in a bad way.

One such project was sorting/filing/taking action on the huge pile of papers (mail, notes from school, etc.) that had accumulated over the last 9 months in my kitchen drawer.  Make that 2 kitchen drawers. It was bad. At one point it had gotten so overwhelming to me that I stopped opening mail and just stuffed it in the drawer instead. I'm happy to report that the drawers have been set back to their original purpose and my file cabinet is happily full. The amazing thing is it only took me 2.5 hours to get through it all. I sure wish I had done it sooner and saved myself all the grief and months of anxiety.

Another big project was culling my fabric stash. Recently we took on two boarders, college students, which necessitated Kirkham moving into the sewing studio room/guest room. Moving all his stuff into the room was a challenge and the poor boy has been living the life of a trapped hoarder this past month.  The floor was cluttered and piled high with a mixture of his stuff, my stuff and stuff Heath left when he went on the mission. I started by just going in for 15 minutes each night to fill a bag with donatable items. Just three nights made a big difference. At day 5 I had some extra time and I spent an hour in there repairing the closet shelves to better support the stuff we needed to store. And day 6, yesterday, I spent 3 hours and finished it all off.  In the end I had 7 bags of fabric, clothes, patterns, hangers, craft supplies and books to donate and now I have a clean and organized room to share with Kirkham.

Those two things alone would have been a great burden off my back however I have accomplished a lot more than that.  Remember a month or so ago I redecorated the front room? Since then I have also cleaned out and organized the pantry/storage room, cleaned out the front hall closet, cleaned out the bathroom cupboards and drawers, shredded and eliminated old files, cleared through all the kids craft and paper supplies and school supplies, cleaned my bedroom!, redecorated my office at the university, sorted through all my university files, transferred a bunch of my disorganized handwritten research and files to digital format, emptied my email inbox (it had 1000+ unread emails in it) and imported my several email accounts to one Gmail account with POP3 and forwarding. Yep, feeling productive.

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