Friday, June 05, 2015

List Time!

Now that my task list for the semester is nearly complete I just can't help but make a few more lists.  Yippee!!

Pay rent
Pay bills
Transfer money into Heath's account
catch up on old emails
resolve issues with contract
bake bread
do laundry
make potluck goodies for Dave's office
find a camera I can use tonight since mine is acting up
Cora's dr. appt
pick up Dave's prescription
buy milk
back to work for the second night of the Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe
Cast pictures

This week:
deep clean my room
sort through and file paperwork
file semiannual business taxes
complete grad school applications
make father's day gifts
make Heath's birthday present
send packages to cousins, Heath and grandparents
Orthodontist appointment
Eye appointment
dental cleanings for whole family
follow up on teaching contracts
start household deep cleaning
start selling or donating junk from around the house
go on two bike rides
hike to Laie summit
surf daily

This summer:
learn to use Inkscape
Patterns for Anita
Make sulu and basic puletasi patterns
make a dress for me
sewing class for girls
go to Goat Island
Climb Koko head stairs
Hike Diamond Head
Hike Maunawili trail
Bike ride around the island
Read 4 good books
fine tune syllabi for classes
clean the costume shop
Oversee the organization of the costume wardrobes
send in my Bosch for repairs
Get the costume shop machines repaired
order missing part for my coverstitch machine

I'm sure there will be so much more but this is it for now :-)

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