Saturday, June 20, 2015

How to Send a Package to Elder Dooley

I sent off a big package to Elder Dooley yesterday--a birthday package! Among other things it included some new handmade ties,

and some of  Cora's famous Double Chocolate Coconut Cookies.

I should know better but I taped it all up tight before going to the post office. (For his current address see his blog, "Heath in Halifax" link above). 

I had to cut it open and repackage it there. It was a little annoying but it also saved me some money.
Since he is in Canada his packages go through customs and can be expensive to send. It is always good to plan ahead and be prepared with all the proper information. Here is what you gotta do:
  1. Gather the stuff you want to send
  2. Make a list of each item you are sending. Include the quantity, cost and weight of each. (ex: Heath Candy Bars, qty. 6, $6, 1lb 2oz.)
  3. Write down the full name and address of your missionary on a piece of paper that you can tape onto your package.
  4. If the weight of  your package is under 4 lbs. find your own box and packing materials.  If it is over 4 lbs. Use a USPS flat rate box.
  5. Bring all the above materials plus a sharpie, shipping tape and scissors to the post office.
  6. If over 4lbs grab a flat rate box and put your stuff inside but DON'T SEAL IT YET.
  7. Fill out the customs forms. If you have more items than there are lines then you have to continue it on a second, and third form as necessary. Be sure to check all the boxes and sign and date each form.
  8. Take your forms and unsealed package to the postal cashier and ask them to double check your work and to see what would be the cheapest way to send the package. 
  9. Once they give you the all clear quickly tape up your package and tape the address on too.
Yesterday I spent $45 to send a 6 pound package so be prepared! The cheapest package I have sent was $18 and that was some musubi making supplies (about 2 pounds).

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