Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Where I've Been Surfing (On the Web)

Here's what I've been up to lately:

  1. Elf Ears Tutorial-Simple
  2. Elf Ears Tutorial-prosthetic 
  3. Ben Nye Liquid Latex
  4. Wonderflex
  5. Dress for April?
  6. Or Maybe this one for April?
  7. Inspirational Conference Address--"Keep on Trying"
  8. I can tell I'm stressed when I wake up with a sore tongue and teeth--Bruxism
  9. I started my application!
  10. This is the program I want
  11. Thinking about buying this house
  12. Thought this was an interesting perspective on REAL bodies
  13. Was awakened in the middle of the night and found out this is why
  14. How to become a quick learner?
  15. Heath's current mission companion
  16. My second choice program (I really want the product development bit in the other one.)
  17. Updating YW camp certification info with Current Red Cross Standards
  18. I would love to qualify for the Boston Marathon but I think I'll have to put it off a year or two. I can't make any of the marathons on this calendar

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