Friday, May 22, 2015

Nakoa Loop Trail (kinda)

This summer I have been asked to be the young women's hike specialist for our ward and I have been so excited about it. I love having a good excuse to explore this beautiful island. I have planned 4 awesome hikes for our girls. 

The first one is the Nakoa trail at Kahana. I hiked this trail last year and it was okay. The best parts of it were finding mountain apples and playing at the rope swing and swimming hole at the end. It wasn't one I planned to do again but I knew it was easy and thought the girls would like it. 

Last Friday, The night before the hike, it rained and I got nervous. There were stream crossings and the swimming hole at the end that we would have to traverse and I was worried about taking 6 mostly non swimmers through it all. I chickened out on the loop and took an alternate route to some swimming pools higher up on the stream--and thus much shallower water--and then we went back to the starting  point via a "road" that was rarely used to access a water reservoir. 

The changes ended up all for the better. I really liked the hike. The pools were a pleasant surprise and the girls had a great time. I might even take this route again! And if we want to go to the rope swing there is a much easier and shorter route we can do but we'll save that for a later date. 

Charity and Caryn were kind enough to be my fellow adult supervisors. The girls were Chrysanne, Emma, Talia, Naveah, Sophia, ME, and Ana. 

Our first viewpoint. We came around the bend and the girls were struck by the beauty of the mountains framed by the valley jungle and skies. I was struck by the beauty of their stricken gaze. I love seeing their eyes opened to the grandeur that surrounds them. 

A little stream crossing. Last time I came through this was just a muddy section. This time it was ankle deep. 

The pools at the end of the trail were lovely. I hadn't been to this section before      I was recovering from a week of sickness and was too tired to do much exploring but it looked like there were more pools both above and below this one. 

Though not used to hiking the girls weren't too tired to explore. In fact ME bounded right in and ended up swimming!

Gear and lunches were quickly discarded while the girls cooled their toes and played games on the rocks. 

This is a short portion of the bamboo forest we passed through to get to the pools. It was really cool. 

On our way back the path passes past a hill. We saw that there was a faint trace of a trail up and wondered why. Wonder no more. A few of us scampered up and were rewarded with these divine sights. To the left is the water reservoir. 

Heading down the water reservoir road.Just a mile or two left of our first adventure in hiking this summer. I had agreat time with these lovely girls. 

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