Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mothers Day Missionary Call

We had a great visit with Heath this morning! It was so good to see his happy face and to hear his voice.  It seems like he is adapting well to mission life.

Thursday we got a message from him that he would be able to video chat with us at 9am our time. That was a perfect time for us.  It gave us time to have our Sunday morning sleep-in and time after to get ready for church.  

It was Mother's Day morning so of course, after sleeping in, the kids got up and made breakfast for me. By the time breakfast was served I had already prepped the video chat with the computer and TV and had it sitting open just waiting for Heath.  So we were all just kinda sitting around waiting for the little video chat chime that would sound when Heath joined; I was eating my breakfast, Kirkham was playing a game on his ipod, Afton was drawing, Cora was playing minecraft and Dave was reading a book. Waiting, waiting, waiting. And then Afton says "hey, he's on!!" and we all look up and in the corner of the screen we see Heath's little head and he's waving and there's no sound. Apparently he had been trying to get our attention for 2 minutes but our sound was not hooked up right. This is why Dave usually sets this stuff up. 

Heath of course thought this was pretty funny to sit and watch us all do nothing. He is always so amiable. He told us about his mission and area, his companion and the people he has been working with. He is always very succinct and notoriously short-winded so we had lots of questions that we peppered him with. 

"Is there still snow?" no
"What do you do on P-day?" play volleyball
"Do you need anything?" no
"How are your clothes holding up?" had to repair one seam

It went on like this for a while until he had some questions for us.  We told him about waterpolo and AP tests, friends who got mission calls and everything else we could think of. Before we knew it a whole hour had passed and his companion came into the room to tell him time was up.

I'm glad he is doing well and enjoying his work. I am proud of his dedication to serve the Lord and know he will be blessed. And now I look forward to our next visit at Christmas.

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