Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day 2015

Every Memorial day since we've lived here in Hawaii we spend the day with friends at Kawela Bay. We spend the day playing in the clear calm waters and relaxing on the warm blonde sand.

Afton and Sierra paddling way, way out in the middle of the bay.

The sand looks and feels a little different at every beach.  At Kawela's the forest comes up pretty much right to the shore so there are a lot of pine cones and pine needles and stuff in the sand.  This is the beach where the second Hunger Games movie was filmed and I think some of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies were shot here as well.

Afton the phone stealer. Thanks to her I have a few pictures of our fun day at the beach.

Sierra is one of Afton's besties. They spent the day playing in the kayak and texting on the beach.

Not a great picture that Afton captured of me but it is the only picture I have (so far) of my new one-piece swimsuit.  I purchased this suit from Target last fall and have been altering it little by little to suit my needs.  Finally today I made what I hoped were the final alterations.  I tested it out on the surf once more and had only one more problem with the suit: there is a little tie in the front that rubs into my ribcage while paddling.  I will have to move or remove the bow and then it will be perfect. I hope.

Other alterations I have made on the suit include cutting out the back, putting in new straps that criss cross and tie at the back to keep it tight while surfing, reducing the butt width, reducing the crotch length, removing a ring at the front and replacing with a tie.  These alterations have made the suit cuter and more comfortable to surf in.  It is difficult to find a one piece that will work for surfing.  Most are too loose and catch water and then can't flush it out quick enough. They ride up the rear end or cause chaffing in sensitive areas like the crotch, underarm, across the chest or over the shoulder straps. This suit eliminates most of these problems but not all of them.  Next step is to make a pattern from it and see if I can reproduce it in a way the further reduces the problems inherent in a one-piece surf suit. 

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