Saturday, May 02, 2015

May Day 2015

Cora had the great honor of being on the May Day court this year. She was appointed to be a Lady in Waiting representing the island of Moloka'i. 

She has spent many hours the last two months learning several hula dances. She had to get a special dress made and have special flowers and everything. Quite an ordeal for an elementary school, expensive but also an honor because May Day is very important in this community. 

She was nervous last night and this morning but you couldn't tell on the stage. She looked like a natural. 

Cora with the other representatives of Moloka'i. 

Cora and her best friend Katie. Katie was the island princess representing Ko'ohalawe. 

Some of the other girls. I made 5 of the satin dresses. 

A closer shot of her hairpiece made of Kukui leaves, flowers and green nuts. It was made by Liz at North Shore floral. 

After the show with mom and dad. Love this cute girl and can't believe she is finishing up her 6th grade year. 

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