Friday, May 15, 2015

Funny Thing

About a month ago I challenged Dave to a 10 day Vegan diet. Just for fun. He accepted the challenge. It was an interesting and salad filled week that he won't soon forget. (We tried lots of new recipes, most good and some not so much. I'll post our favorites later.) He was such a good sport about the experiment that I wanted to reward him at the end with a gift that he has--we have--been eyeing for a long time: a Blentec blender.

I went to Costco on day 7 to purchase the prize and they were all out. I went home and ordered one online and was excited because the online version, though a little more expensive, had the twister jar, a recipe book, and a spatula included in the set. Costco has 2 day delivery to Hawaii so I knew it would get here in time for me to give it to him on the last night of the challenge. Or so I thought.

I waited the two days and then started watching like a hawk for the UPS guy.  He didn't show up. I tracked the package and found out it was out for delivery that day but it never showed up.  The next day I got an email saying that my address was incorrect.  I checked the address they had and confirmed that it was correct--the same address I had used for my sewing machine, ordered from Costco, and delivered just days previous.

Next day still not there. This was day 10. I had nothing to give Dave. I was disappointed but he didn't know any different and wasn't expecting anything so, oh well. I kept watching for the UPS guy. After two more days of waiting and watching the tracking online had stopped updating.  I chased down a UPS driver two days in a row. Both times to no avail. They said they hadn't seen a blender nor a package addressed to me since the sewing machine but promised to watch for it.

One of those days I received a postcard in the mail saying that my package had an "undeliverable address" and that I needed to call them to correct the address or pick it up from the docks in Honolulu before whatever date.  Undeliverable address?! But the postcard made it! What does that say about UPS?! I called the number on the postcard and confirmed my address again and the agent said it would be out for delivery on the next day.  Two more days passed and it didn't show up.

Another few days passed and I was at Costco again.  This time I was at the downtown Costco.  Guess what they had just gotten in? Yep, a whole new shipment of Blendtecs!! I bought one. I was so excited!!

I took it home and proudly presented it to Dave.  "I'm sorry it's late. I really wanted to give it to you 10 days ago but it got lost in shipping." I was beaming ear to ear.  I knew he would be so excited and happy and surprised that I would spend that much money on something.

"Nooo!" he declared.  "I was going to pick one up for you tomorrow! I almost bought one the other day but they were all out at the Hawaii Kai store and I didn't have time to go downtown! Now what am I supposed to get you for Mother's Day?"

Mother's Day?  I had totally forgotten about Mother's Day. Oops.

I told him about the dilemma and the lost package and how it was supposed to be here so long ago and sorry for ruining his mother's day surprise but I was indeed surprised! We both thought it was so funny and it made us both happy.  We opened it up and made ourselves a smoothie.

Guess what we found on our doorstep the next afternoon?

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