Sunday, March 29, 2015

Kirkham's Junior Prom

Kirkham waiting out front of Rayne's house.  She wasn't home! She was still getting make up done at a friend's house.  We waited patiently and visited with her dad for a bit.

She arrives and is stunning! Lots of pics out front of her house with her sisters and mom and dad all swarmed around.  It was fun to meet them all but both Rayne and Kirkham were a bit uncomfortable in the spot light.

Attempted to walk down the street to the beach but the wind was picking up too much . We were worried about Rayne's hair getting messed up so this is as close as we got. See the water over Kirkham's left shoulder.

The obligatory meet and greet at the temple courtyard.  This is were all the kids meet ahead of time to get pictures, say goodbye to their families and catch their rides into town to prom. Not sure the names of the other couple in this picture.

More Kirkham and Rayne

Grace Tueller is a friend of ours. I hemmed her skirt for her.

Mr. Spring, their favorite Spanish teacher, joins in on picture fun.

Sadie Morelock and Rayne.  For the past few weeks I have heard from so many people that these were their two favorite prom dresses this year.  Both girls were stunning and sophisticated. 

Kirkham and bud Arenui. Both are stylin'.

The gang.

Kirkham, Rayne, Ellie Compton, and Spencer Kimball.  These four all rode into prom together chauffered by Spencer's wonderful parents Teresa and Kevin Kimball.

More party shots.  One of my favorite dresses is the one on the very end worn by Becky Scott. I thought it was so original and fun and she looked so cute and flirty.

Grace and Isaiah Spring

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