Friday, December 12, 2014

Marathon Prep

Race Morning
17 hours from now I will be waking up for my marathon. I will drink a glass of water and will have a banana and maybe some toast with some peanut butter and then I will get dressed.

The outfit I have chosen for tomorrow is a pair of black shorts and a loose fitting sports top that has a slightly elasticized hem so it doesn't hang down too long and still blouses out to give my body air. I used to wear tight socks but with my newest pair of shoes combined with long runs that doesn't seem to work. So I am wearing some normal thin no-show socks. They fit my feet well and never roll under my foot while I am running. They stay fairly cool and give my feel plenty of room to move. 

A few weeks ago I purchased a pair of tight fitting nylon leggings for running. I was hoping the tight fit would support my muscles and make the run just a tiny bit easier. I wore them once and the thighs are too loose and they slide on my body and through the crotch is uncomfortable. So back to shorts I go.

Heath is allowing me to use his Camelback. The race is unassisted (no aid stations) so the Camelback will be packed with water, my Gu energy gels, my phone, and a few small emergency supplies like TP and topical analgesic. 

Oh and my hat. I will be wearing my hat. It will help to keep my hair out of my face and it will keep the sun out of my eyes--once the sun comes up.Also on my head will be my earbuds. A few months ago I bought some new buds that don't fall out while I'm running and they are built so I can still hear what is going on around me. No one can sneak up on me this way.

Ok, now time to check. Wake up, Water, Breakfast, Get dressed, Backpack, Hat, Earbuds. Ready to go, almost. Of course I've got to use the bathroom before leaving and then I will have another glass of water and this one will be with two tylenol. It is supposed to help somehow. I don't remember how but Matt Fitzgerald recommends it in his marathon nutrition book so I'm gonna do it.

Speaking of Nutrition
I have tried to follow Fitzgeralds suggestions as I've prepped for this race. I have not been completely true to the plan but I think he encourages you to make it your own anyways so I did.  He suggests a two part fat and carb load in addition to a caffeine fast. Caffeine fast was pretty easy. I normally don't consume much except when I get headaches. I take Excedrin for bad headaches. I did have a couple this week and so I had to just grin and bare it. NO CAFFEINE for at least 10 days before the race. Also 10 before the race I started a fat load. I still stayed within my calorie guidelines but I ate more avocados and nuts and nut butters than usual. I can't remember why but it was something about energy and so I did it. Beginning yesterday I started my carb load. I am not talking cake and pasta here. I am talking lots of fruits and veggies and sweet potatoes and stuff like that. Building up glycogen stores I think.

I think the nutrition stuff is working because I do feel less worn than I did a few weeks ago. That may be because my training tapered off over the past 10 days also. Not sure which but whatever--I feel like I am healthy and strong enough to do this and that's what matters. EXCEPT, I have gained weight this week. That doesn't make me happy. 5 pounds is 5 pounds and I wouldn't opt to carry an extra 5 pounds for 26+ miles if I didn't have to. But now that it is on me it isn't getting off in the next 17 hours.  Hopefully it is just water weight--I've been drinking a lot of that too--and then it will all be run off by tomorrow at this time.

Getting My Head in the Game
I like to listen to stuff on my phone while I run. It helps me to think about things other than my aching knees or whatever. It also helps me not talk to other runners. I don't mind other runners and I don't mind talking but I find when I am running with others I end up running at a pace that I shouldn't be running--Usually that is faster than I should be. Tomorrow I need to start out no faster than a 10 minute mile if I'm gonna be able to get through this whole thing. I will employ the same technique I did when I ran the Gunstock Half, I will listen to scriptures. That will get me going at a nice easy pace. 

After about 30 minutes (approximately when I reach the Kahuku Hospital) I will run in the quiet for a while. This stretch of highway is going to be dark and it is solitary. I will want to be able to hear everything going on around me and it will be a good opportunity to think about my running for a while. I'll check and make sure that my stride is good, check the mechanics of my arm swing and hips, and evaluate my breathing.

The sky should start to lighten up when I pass Turtle Bay. At this point I will start listening to some podcasts I like. Each podcast is about 45-75 minutes long so I'll probably be listening to those for the next 2.5-3 hours. Basically I will be listening to podcasts until I am somewhere between Velzyland and Turtle Bay on my way back from Waimea. The last hour and a half I will listen to up tempo music to get me through the last stretch. 

4:30--wake up
5--race starts at the Laie Stake Center North Parking lot, listen to scriptures
5:30--(3 miles) estimated pass of Kahuku Hospital, water, listen to nature
6:00--(3 miles) estimated pass of Turtle Bay resort, water, listen to podcasts
6:35--(3 miles) estimated pass of Velzyland, water, Lemon-lime Gu
7:10--(3 miles) estimated pass of Foodland Pupukea, water, Strawberry Gu
7:20--(1 mile) estimated turn around at Waimea Bay,  water
7:35--(1 mile) estimated pass of Foodland Pupukea, water, Strawberry Gu
8:10--(3 miles) estimated pass of Velzyland, water, Orange Gu, listen to music
8:45--(3 miles) estimated pass of Turtle Bay resort,  Blackberry Gu
9:20--(3 miles) estimated pass of Kahuku Hospital,
10:00--(3 miles) estimated arrival at Laie Stake Center parking lot!!!! 

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