Sunday, December 21, 2014

Big Island: A Sunny Sunday

Saturday night we stayed at the Marriot in Kona. The kids had fun playing in the pool and we got a good night's rest. First thing in the morning we woke up and headed out to an early church service. It just happened to be Elder Auna's home ward and he was there that day attending with his family.  He is a friend of my dad's so it was nice to see him and he got a kick out of taking a picture with us and sending it to my dad.  

The kids enjoyed making some new friends in Sunday School and Young Womens/Young Mens. Some of the kids they met even knew some of their friends. They thought that was pretty cool and they also thought it was great that they were presented with Lei's (see Cora's brightly colored yarn lei below). Even more cool were the friends they made after church. On the other side of the fence from the church were some beautiful horses. They stood there with their noses across the fence like they had been waiting for the girls all day.

Afton and Cora and their new friend.

My sweet Afton had fun playing with the little kids who followed them over to the horses. One of them is in the background running back to her mother.
After visiting with our new equine friends we walked across the parking lot to the Kona Temple. We would have liked to go into the temple while on the island but it was closed for the holidays and cleaning while we were there. So disappointing but we'll just have to go back again sometime!

After church we headed home (to the hotel), changed clothes, made some PBJ's and set out for some Sabbath Day sightseeing. We drove down the coast to the City of Refuge. We took the scenic route as described in Hawaii The Big Island Revealed: The Ultimate Guidebook. It took us through some beautiful jungle, past beautiful homes and an awesome surf break.

The City of Refuge was gorgeous and peaceful. It was also very hot so if you go be sure to bring some sunscreen and water. We did a lot of exploring. 

We took pictures with the residents. Way to be excited boys.

Followed a few feathered friends.

And spotted a few turtles too.
The tidepools were our favorite place to explore. It was fun jumping across the rocks and over the pools. We took a LOT of pictures but most of them look like this:

and like this

On the way home we stopped at Kahalu'u Beach park to get our feet wet. We enjoyed watching the surfers and kinda wished we had our surfboards but it was getting late and our tummy's were beginning to rumble. We made our way back to Kona town, parked at the hotel and walked down to Bubba Gumps.  Now usually we wouldn't go out to eat on a Sunday but our room did not have a microwave and only had a teeny tiny refrigerator and, well, we decided this once we would need to eat out. After a nice dinner we casually strolled back to the hotel weaving in and out of art galleries window shopping and people watching.

Kirkham and Dani sitting on the beach at Kahalu'u. This is his happy face.

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