Sunday, December 21, 2014

Big Island: The Adventure Begins

I am posting on the go this week, straight from my iPhone to you!

We got 5ish hours of sleep last night. We had laundry to do. I had a work party to attend. Kids had swim practice. After all this and the regular Friday afternoon drill we also had to pack for the trip and clean the house.  The kids starting dropping into bed around midnight but it wasn't until 2am that Dave and I hit the hay. The alarms started ringing at 5am this morning. 

All the excitement and hustle of last night felt like Christmas Eve. Though this morning didn't feel quite like Christmas morn there was an equal excitement as we prepared and set out on our Christmas vacation. It has been a fabulous first day and we are all exhausted. I will fill in the details later but here is the picture proof that we made it safely to Big Island and we are having the best first day of Christmas ever. 

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