Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Laie Elementary Fall Break Play 2014: Night at the PCC

I finally, FINALLY am getting around to posting the pictures of the elementary school fall break play Night at the PCC. THEA 141 students made a great contribution to this play, designing costumes, making patterns for some of the costumes and constructing others. Great job team! My students put in about 30 hours of work between the 5 of them. I put in about 12 hours of prep and planning and then 10 more hours during play week. I had numerous parents put in hours there at the school and a few who took projects home to work on. I am so grateful for all their help. They really made things special. We ended up spending $107 to costume 115 kids. Enjoy the pics!

Tiki warriors

Rapanui heads. Cardboard helmets designed by Christina Smith and Mandy Veech.

Food dancing to "Be Our Guest". Pineapple, Banana, roasted pig, poi, and coconut drink. Inspiration for these costumes found by Taimi Kennerly, Eseta Clanton, Christina Smith, Nhil Banda, and Mandy Veech.

Oyster Shells dancing and singing to "Pearly Shells".

Security Guards dancing to "Happy"

Koi fish. hat inspiration from THEA 141 class.
Bobblehead hula girls dancing to Price Tag.

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