Thursday, November 13, 2014

5000 pieces

I was only half listening to the speaker in Sacrament meeting. I was thinking about the Visiting Teaching message I would be giving later about Jesus feeding the five thousand. The speaker said something about the scripture 2 Nephi 32:9 "Pray unto the Father in the name of Christ, that He will consecrate thy performance unto thee, that they performance may be for the welfare of thy soul." and that got me off on a tangent.

First I was thinking how great it is that we can ask that he consecrate our performance. Consecrate is a powerful word that means to dedicate to a divine purpose. The sacrament bread and water are consecrated. Oil is consecrated for the sick and afflicted. I never thought that we could ask that our performances--the things we do or work on--could be consecrated also. And usually something is consecrated to God or others but this specifically says "for the welfare of thy soul."

We can ask, we should ask, that what we are working on be divinely dedicated to our personal welfare. That it will help us to become a better person, stronger person, more Christlike person.

So while I was thinking about Christ and bread and welfare of souls I thought of Jesus feeding the 5000. When he took the small loaves and the few fishes he gathered them in and looked to heaven and blessed them. When I think of Jesus blessing anything, that is consecrating, right? The Most Powerful praying = divine dedication? right. So, that made me think of myself as one of those little loaves of bread.

When I am feeling like nothing I can do is going to be good enough, and feeling like I have way too many to feed, when there are 5000 things swirling and whirling around me hungry for my attention, when I feel like I will surely be devoured and destroyed, I can pray and put myself in His hands. I can ask Him for help, to "consecrate my performance to the welfare of my soul".  He knows how to break me so I can feed all and have baskets left to spare. He knows what I need and He can and will bless me if I ask.

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