Monday, November 10, 2014

1000 Things I Love (141-160)

141. Opening night of the plays
142. Dressing up for show nights
143. Eavesdropping on people who are saying awesome things about the costumes.
144. Students who love my class
145. Thank you notes from Brother Ferre
146. That Bro. Ferre always gives me and each member of my class a thank you box of chocolates after the shows
147. When past students contact me for advice.
148. Getting totally absorbed in a project
149. Students who help clean up
150. Actors who are grateful and kind
151. Pizza Parties and Haagen Daz
152. My kids operate on auto pilot when I'm at work
153. Friends who help me with projects
154. Honesty
155. Finding crazy pictures on my phone that my students snuck on there. How'd they get my phone?!
156. Vanilla Yogurt and Granola
157. Free Turkeys with Maikai certificates
158. Love notes written with dry erase on my bedroom mirror
159. Letting go of things that don't really matter
160. Cool Breezes

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