Sunday, October 12, 2014

1000 things I love (121-140)

121. Tradewinds
122. warm nights (but not too warm)
123. the stars
124. the lunar eclipse of the blood moon. It was so cool.
125. surfing date nights
126. root beer floats
127. Oreo cookies
128. friends who pitch in when I need help
129. helping friends with their sewing projects
130. apple bananas
131. cold papaya
132. cool clean drinking water
133. podcasts
134. guest speakers in my class--less time I have to talk :-)
135. morning runs on the beach
136. Ballega running socks
137. Did I say before: that Dave fixes our vehicles? yeah, again, I love that he fixes our vehicles.
138. Pay Days!
139. Handel's Messiah
140. peanut M&M's. I may have said that before but I really love them.

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