Thursday, September 25, 2014

Dear Gramma

Hi Gramma-

How was your birthday dinner? Jeanne posted pictures on Facebook and it looked like it was a nice night with your kids. I hope you are feeling well and optimistic going into your 92nd year! I wanna be just like you.

This month has been an exciting one for us here. Heath started his Freshman year of college here at BYUH, we had a friend move in with us, and Cora has begun tennis.

Heath is enjoying his classes. He seems to be doing pretty well so far. He is taking a bunch of music classes but wants to be a marine biologist. The other day he said, "maybe I should get a music minor too". I don't know how the two will work together but it might be a good idea since he loves music so much. Heath just got his paperwork all finished for his mission yesterday and is just waiting to hear from the Stake about his Stake President's interview.

We had a friend from Washington move in with us this month. His name is Spencer Lawrenson. He was in our ward in Lakewood. He is a return missionary and is attending BYU Hawaii also. He is sharing a room with Heath and so Kirkham has his own bedroom for the first time in his life. Actually Kirkham is sharing the room with me--it is my sewing room. When Heath leaves on his mission Kirkham will share the room with Spencer.

Right now the only kid in sports is Cora. She is on a community tennis team. She has practices twice a week at BYU Hawaii and she has games most Saturdays. This is her second year playing tennis so she is still not very good but she loves it and never gives up. Afton and Kirkham will start training for the High School swim team soon. Heath has joined an intramural inner-tube waterpolo team at BYUH. That will be a fun sport to watch.

Of course there is a lot more going on too. I am teaching two classes this semester; costuming the University play and  the Elementary school fall play; sewing homecoming and wedding dresses; and trying to stay sane balancing that with my family. Dave is working in Admissions, working on his Doctorate program and he is the Young Men's president. Every chance we get we are still out surfing and doing our best to live life to the fullest. Needless to say we are always tired but we are happy.

I'll write again soon, 
Love you!

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