Tuesday, September 02, 2014

1000 things I love (101-120)

101. Working out in the morning with my friend Jenny.
102. That burning feeling in my legs and chest from a good workout.
103. Cold water.
104. Family Home Evening surfing with the family.
105. My crockpot.
106. Working with BYUH students
107. Computers
108. My new wedding band!
109. Cora's super blonde hair
110. My new blender!! I got the blender attachment for my Bosch mixer. It is working great.
111. Jenny. She is a great workout partner, surf buddy, baking buddy, second mother to my children and above all friend.
112. I love that Kirkham is taking an interest in his studies this year and is working very hard in his classes.
113. Non-slip plastic cutting boards from Pampered Chef
114. I received my piano tuning hammer in the mail!
115. ice cream, especially Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia
116. My new Sanuks  yoga mat loafers
117. My practically dead potted orange tree is coming back to life after being moved to a new location. Now if it will only start growing some oranges.
118. Finding fresh laid eggs under my kayak
119. I love having fresh baked cookies ready for my kids when they get home from school
120. Making home made granola.

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