Sunday, July 13, 2014

On Top of Ka'a'awa

I love to go on Sunday walks. I grew up doing it with my parents and siblings on sunny summer Sunday afternoons in Washington and I love carrying on the tradition with my own children.  Here in Hawaii there is only so far you can walk until you end up in the jungle so most of the time we end up on a simple sabbath-appropriate trail.

Our friend Kole has been telling us about a great short trail in Ka'a'awa that he wanted to take us on. He said it was simple and would be fun for the whole family and it had a beautiful view of Ka'a'awa. Apparently growing up Catholic he has a different definition of what sabbath appropriate is but oh, well.

I should have worn tennis shoes for sure because we not only hiked but we climbed up this trail.

And climbed.

And climbed

until we reached the top

where we found a WWII bunker

that is apparently very popular with the artistic crowd.

The view of Ka'a'awa was spectacular.

And when we looked straight down we could see the crosses . . .

that are on the hillside. You can see them from the highway if you look carefully (picture later).

Kirkham stole the camera to take a selfie atop the hill . . . 

before ascending even further.

And there he is clear up on the very tip top, waving.

We all joined him.

We enjoyed the breeze and watched the birds soar among the mountain tops . . .

and we waited for Daniel to join us. Can you see him down there hiding? He was a bit freaked out about the height but he eventually made it up.

Cora, however, was not freaked out. This is nothing for a girl like her.

We took some time enjoying the view, taking pictures and posting them to Facebook and Instagram, . . . .
took a picture of Kole's house,

flexed our muscles

before heading back down from the dizzying heights.

Caught a peek a boo view of Laie Point in the distance!

And some rustling trees above us drew our attention to some hikers way above us! Can you see the white shirt? You have to have some serious rock climbing skills to go up that high so  . . .

we continued our descent.

Passing again some interesting jungle flowers

and roots--

yes, this is the easy part of the trail--

back to the jungle floor

and out again into the unsuspecting neighborhood that is the trailhead.

I loved the bark on the neighbor's very old guava tree.

And this flower which was growing in a hedge along their property line. don't know what it is but I think it is a variety of Ginger.
Time to load up and head home for some fresh cooked pancakes and to watch the Hobbit.
From the street below, this is the hill we climbed. The crosses are so small you can hardly see them in this picture but they are the little white specks on two of the outcroppings above the house on the right hand side. The highest point we hiked to actually looks like a low point in this picture. It is the peak on the front range of mountains that is directly in the middle of the picture--draw a line from the middle of the two windows on the left house, straight up into that dark green crease in the mountain and up to that (looks like) teeny tiny peak and that's where we were. The other hikers were on the top of the big rock on the far left.

Last but not least we spotted some rare mountain goats on the side of the cliff face. We couldn't get a decent picture of them until we went back down to the street but there it is, the white spot in the middle is an allusive Hawaiian  Wild Mountain Goat!

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