Friday, July 25, 2014

Cora the Business Woman

Cora was bugging me for a while that she wanted to start a business as a Mother's Helper. She wanted me to send a note to all my friends to offer her services to them. I put her off and put her off but she would not be daunted. Finally 3 weeks ago I gave in and sat down, wrote the email and sent it off to a group of 6 women whom I thought would be interested.

The next morning Cora got her first response from Stephanie. Stephanie wrote me an exciting email hiring Cora . . . as soon as she got back from her trip on the mainland. Cora was so happy but so sad at the same time. She had to wait.

Last week Cora found herself really, really bored one day. I was gone, her friends were sick, her chores were done and then she remembered Auntie Steph and her family were home from their trip. They had gotten home the day before! Rather than wait for a phone call Cora marched right over--unbeknownst to me--and offered her services. Auntie Steph hired her on the spot! And asked her to come back the next day too!

Two days of work under her belt and she had $6 burning a hole in her pocket. Friday night she approached me with a twinkle in her eye and her money in hand, she was going to the carnival at the school! She was so excited to go on some rides. She couldn't wait to get some candy. She bounced out the door and down the stairs bubbling because she had earned  her own fun!

Thirty minutes later she slumped in the door and her once happy cheerful countenance had now turned to disgust. "There was only one good ride and it cost 3 tickets. Each ticket costs $1! That ride is not worth $3!!!" I was sad for her but at the same time so very, very proud. She had learned the meaning of money. The satisfaction of working hard and making her money work for her. Six hours of work was not worth six minutes of rides. She put her money back into her wallet.

So every day for the past week Cora has gotten up and gotten her chores done and announced, "I am leaving for work now!" She is always prompt and never forgets even though the times vary every day. She is always excited to go and never calls it play. It's work, with a big smile.

Yesterday when she got home and told me about her day and what she had done she suddenly realized she had forgotten something. "I forgot to ask her when she wants me to come back!" She quickly turned to leave but I stopped her short. 

"You what?"

"I forgot to ask her when she wants me to come back. Everyday before I leave I ask her when she wants me to come back and help again."

What a salesman, this girl. I would have never thought to do such a thing. And if I'd thought of it I'd never have dared to be so forward. What a brave, outgoing, smart daughter I have!

So she ended up not going back to ask-- I think she either got distracted or Auntie Steph wasn't home--so this morning she didn't have a job lined up. But can she sit back and relax? No! She gets her chores done and starts making Chocolate No Bake Cookies. She decided to have a sale. She made cookies, she made lemonade, she collected her table, chair, cups, made a sign.

During her whirlwind of preparation my visiting teacher comes over and has her 3 kids with her. Cora takes a break from her prep and takes over the children. My visiting teacher remembers about Cora's email (I am not forward enough to bring it up) and asks me if Cora can come over some time next week. I say sure and am ready to leave it at that but Cora comes over, with the baby on her hip mind you, and says "what day do you want me to come?"

My VT says, "Well . . ." she's a bit taken aback I think but in a good way. She stumbles a bit before deciding and then says, "Wednesday. Maybe Wednesday afternoon?"

Cora, not satisfied with generalities asks, "OK. What time?"

Again stumbling a bit, but with a smile on her face, my VT responds, "um, uh, how about 10. Yes, 10."

Cora smiles and carries on her activity with the kids. That girl!!

They leave and she gets right back to cookies. She tells me she needs a pop up tent so she doesn't get too hot. She tells me she needs a table and she needs a ride so that she doesn't spill her Kool aid as she is walking. Never mind that the corner she wants to set up on is only 3 houses down. I give her the keys and she loads everything in the car and pesters me while I try to find my slippers and hat. I drive her down and then realize she hasn't set up any friends to help. She is planning on doing this herself! I'm not down with that: a little girl sitting on the street corner with food and lots of money, all alone. Even in Laie, three houses from home, that just won't fly.

I insist we find a friend who can sit with her. She hems and haws and gives lots of excuses and then admits she doesn't want to because she doesn't want to share the money. Hahaha. I tell her no friend, no sale, no money. period. We pick up her friend and 5 minutes later they are all set up. Before I leave them to go finish the laundry she insists I take pictures to post to Facebook.

One picture of them on the side of the street
Cora and Kahili selling no bakes and lemonade.

 and one close up of the cookies.
Cora's home made Chocolate No Bake Cookies.
Two hours later they are finished. They sold 1 gallon of Kool Aid and 100 cookies and made over $30. She had two other friends who stopped by. One worked for Kool Aid and cookies and the other got paid $1.50. Cora then paid me for the Kool Aid and No Bakes (I figured out the costs of each way back in these posts: Cost of Homemade Cookies and Kool Aid Sale!). In the end, after paying me and her drop in helpers she decided to compute the division of proceeds by hours put in. Cora worked for 3.5 hours making cookies, decorating her sign and prepping her materials. Kahili worked for the 2 hours of the sale. This is what they each walked away with.

Almost $5 per hour for a 10 year old is pretty good pay I'd say!

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