Saturday, July 19, 2014

1000 Things I love (81-100)

81. Camping
82. Waking up to the sound of the waves
83. Cots
84. Friends that have become family in this far away place we call home
85. Singing songs around the campfire
86. Dutch oven cooking
87. Licorice
88. Long hikes with river crossings
89. Short hikes with surprise endings (tunnels!)
90. Our new EZ corner and tent! They make camping so much more EZ and fun
91. S'mores
92. Kids that can take care of themselves for a few days
93. Anniversary get aways
94. Getting sunburned (because it means I lost track of time on the beach)
95. Cheesecake for breakfast
96. Hotel rooms with a view
97. ABC stores
98. The new Nordstroms Rack at Ward Center
99. Mint Oreos
100. A Husband who loves me even though . . .

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