Thursday, July 03, 2014

1000 Things I Love (61-80)

61. When cousins come to visit.
62. Love having friends surprise us with a visit while they are in Hawaii.
64. When I'm sick I can sleep on the beach and still be getting rest.
65. Chocolate Chip Coconut Banana Bread
66. My hubby knows how to fix the car when it breaks down.
67. Saltine Crackers. The real ones.
68. Real fruit popsicles.
69. Waking up getting a drink and going back to bed for a nap
70. Kids who know how to run the house when mom is sick
71. A hubby who takes really good care of me
72. Tylenol
73. IV fluids
74. Reading good books
75. Kids who know how to cook
76. Doctors who call to check up on me
77. When I can tell the doc that I'm doing much better!
78. Having an excuse to sleep in
79. Cold drinking water
80. Being able to eat real food again!

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