Thursday, June 12, 2014

Brief Recap of the Last Six Months

In January and February I was working on the BYU Hawaii Theater production, the musical Thoroughly Modern Millie. The production had 27 actors, 7 complete costume changes for each of 15 of the actors, over 120 costume sets, and 350 individual costume pieces. About half of the pieces were hand made by me and my crew. All but a small handful of the items were custom fit and altered to the actors.

In March I costumed another BYU Hawaii Theater production: Shakespeare's As You Like It. It was a smaller scale production with a lower budget, fewer audience seats and less marketing. We had about 20 actors with 40 costumes. All the costumes came from our costume wardrobes. We didn't make anything from scratch but we still had to alter and fit the costumes to the actors.

In April Dave and I were in charge of the Saturday portion of a 3 stake youth conference. We worked with another woman to put on a Book of Mormon Trek for 600 youth. The trek was on Gunstock ranch just outside of Laie. The youth walked from Laie to Gunstock and then rotated through 3 miles of trails through 10 activity stations throughout the course of the day. 3 of those stations were Book of Mormon character encounters where we had actors playing the parts of Old Moroni, the father of Lamoni the King of the Lamanites, and the ghost of Lahonti. the King of the Lamanites told his conversion story, Old Moroni was hulled up in a cave and the kids went down into the candle lit cave where he told them about his experiences and exhorted them to Come Unto Christ, and the ghost of Lahonti related his sad tale of being talked down from the Mount Antipus. 

The other stations on the trek were activities like climbing walls and team building games that were led by missionaries. The missionaries related the experiences to teachings from the book of mormon. Just before dinner time all the youth descended into a great field where Moroni and his men rode in on horses to deliver a speech and then the kids had a great color war with powdered chalk. They ended the day doing a night walk off the ranch onto a trail that eventually had a very long rope that was the "iron rod" the kids followed the rod to a great field where we had a huge tree decorated with lights and had fruit gels hanging from it. It was the tree of life. It was a fantastic day. A whole lot of work but the kids testimonies on Sunday were powerful. It was worth the work.

In May I made a very beautiful and intricate gown for the May Day queen. They gave me a picture and said go for it. I had so much fun being given free license to build the dress from scratch from the materials I wanted. And in the end it looked exactly like the picture and was so beautiful on her.

In May I also went on a hike with my young women, Heath had his senior prom and graduated from high school, I worked on a bunch of wedding and bridesmaid and prom dresses, and at the very end costumed another BYU Hawaii Theater production:Pippy Longstockings.

Pippi Longstockings was a lot of fun to work on. It was a children's theater production so the costumes were simple and bright and exciting. Also the cast was half children. Two of those kids were Afton and Cora! Cora had a speaking part, one line, and Afton was in charge of the live horse that came on stage several times. They had a blast!

And now it is June and school is out, grades are turned in, and I just finished Girls Camp on the 6th. I was the Camp Director for our ward. That was the last major project on my list for a while and it was such a relief to be done. I survived!

This week I am slowly (for a change) getting a few things done around the house that have been long neglected. Each day the kids and I have some extra chores to complete. We have cleaned out and reorganized all the cupboards in the kitchen, same in the pantry. The kids have gutted their bedrooms eliminating all their old, worn out and grown out of clothes, cleaned their closets, tidied up their bookshelves and hung a few decorations. Tomorrow we will be putting some finishing touches on the bathrooms and installing a second bunkbed in the boys room in preparation for my sister's family arriving on Saturday. I'm so excited!

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  1. WOW, sounds like a good time to take a deep breath! That YC activity sounds fantastic! I wish I could have seen it. And I miss girls camp so much. Hopefully one day I can return. I am the new Laurel Advisor in our ward and I just LOVE working with the YW. Always my favorite calling. I'm happy for you to be getting a visit from family. I know it can be hard to live so far away from loved ones, even in paradise. I miss you and still love to read about your adventures and accomplishments! You motivate me to want to do something with my life! :-)


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