Monday, June 09, 2014

1000 Things I Love About My Life (41-60)

41. My fingernails and hair grow really fast
42. I am not prone to sunburn and when I do it quickly turns into a tan
43. My parents taught me to work hard
44. I learned how to manage my own money when I was young
45. There's a nice breeze blowing through today
46. Whenever I feel like I miss having little kids I can spend some time working at the elementary school
47. I like my bike. I bought it second-hand from my friend Shaunie. Not only does it ride smoothly and is comfortable to use but I also think about her everytime I go for a spin.
48. My siblings are spread out all over the US which means anytime I visit I get to travel.
49. My parents live in the same house I grew up in
50. I love my mother's garden. When I was a kid she never had time to really do anything in the garden so it was pretty wild and perfect for kids to have adventures in and feel like they were lost or to find a place to be alone in. There were always plenty of places to dig and build forts and find frogs and snakes. Now it is perfectly manicured and perfect for adults to explore and appreciate the beautiful scents, sights and sounds and to feel rested and renewed.
51.The sound of the girls giggling in their bed after the lights have been turned out.
52. I have ice cream in my refrigerator.
53. I fall asleep to the sound of waves most every night.
54. I love running in the cool darkness of the early morning.
55. Balega running socks!
56. Unexpected call from the elementary school today that I had a paycheck that hadn't been picked up!
57. I have a beautiful purple orchid on my dining room table that Dave gave me on opening night of Thoroughly Modern Millie.
58. Hawaiian Sunsets
59. The sound of rain on Palm Trees
60. The smell of rain.

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