Monday, May 12, 2014

Progress on 40 before 40

  • Complete a Sprint Triathalon--A date, time, and route has been set. I will be doing the sprint tri with my sister Dacia and my friend Ku'ulei. If you'd like to join us the fun will begin on June 23rd, 5:30am at Temple Beach.
  • Learn to cross walk my surfboard--I'm not great at it but I am learning. Lots and lots of practice.
  • Ride my bike with no hands--again, not great at it but I'm practicing and Afton is giving me lots of tips and encouragement.
  • Be in a flash mob--DONE!!! Here's a link to the video at BYUH, and on a pirate ship
  • Make home made yogurt--DONE!! It was ok but a little thin. It was very easy to do in a crock pot. I just put in a gallon of milk and 2 Tablespoons of plain yogurt as a starter. Heated it 110 degrees and then turned off the crockpot, wrapped it in a towel and let it sit overnight. Easy peasy.
  • Get or make a dress form--DONE!! Got one as a gift for Mother's Day! Now to figure out a name for her.
  • Sew Easter Dresses for/with my girls--kinda done?! My dress got finished and Cora's got finished but Afton's is not. She wanted to do it all herself and she has set it aside for a while. We'll get back to it soon.
  • Sew myself a dress--DONE!! I made myself an Easter Dress
  • Learn how to use the embroidery machine at school--DONE!! I helped the Promethean Spark International Club at BYUH embroider their logo on some shirts.
  • Further develop curriculum for THEA 141--DONE!! kinda. This will always be a work in progress but I am excited to have added a new research paper mid-term, lab journal notes required weekly, and I overhauled the end of semester project. It will continue to develop and hopefully become become better and better.
  • Read I am the Messenger--DONE!! I finished it over Mother's Day weekend. I really liked the book and the message which was to watch over and to be a messenger to everyone around us and when we help others to reach their full potential we too can reach ours.
  • Write to Gramma at least once per month--I am failing miserably at this. Need to write more often.
  • Get my photo albums up to date--We have been working on this. I enlisted Kirkham's help. For a scout merit badge he needs to lead the family in a project and so he has been getting us to put all the photos into albums. Very slowly.
  • Pay off my student loan--this is progressing very well. Should all be paid off by August. Hooray!
7 Done and 7 more kinda in progress = 14 out of 40 projects. I'm feeling like it is going well with 6 months to go.

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