Friday, May 23, 2014

Heath Graduates KHIS!

So proud of this boy! He is a good kid and has been successful in his high school career despite being moved right in the middle of it! He has participated in 4 years of swimming, 4+years of band, 2+ years of orchestra, 2 years of waterpolo, 2 years of tennis, 1 year of Vocal Motion. He graduated with honors and has college credit for successfully completing his AP courses. Besides all this he is also a really good kid. Love you Heath!  
After the graduation ceremony the administrators turned the stage over to the graduating class and they did this! It was so cool. We have never seen anything like it before. My other kids are really excited about graduating from Kahuku now.

And after that we all went outside for the lei exchanges.

Dave and Heath

Dani and Heath

Afton and Cora with Heath

Heath and Kirkham
So, the signs and leis! Obviously we are in Hawaii and so that's why the leis. The signs are tradition here because everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY, comes out to give the graduates leis and the graduates apparently need signs to let everyone know where they are. So Kirkham was Heath's official sign bearer. He followed Heath wherever he went the whole night. It was fun.

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