Tuesday, May 06, 2014

1000 Things I Love About My Life

  1. I live in Hawaii
  2. My 4 children
  3. supportive husband
  4. My job as a costume designer
  5. I love my surfboard
  6. Running
  7. I have a sewing room in my house!
  8. Comfortable mattress to sleep on
  9. We own our car outright
  10. Pantry full of food
  11. The Gustav Klimt art on my wall
  12. I have long piano player fingers
  13. My daughter is an artist
  14. My son is a musician
  15. I have a beautiful view of the Koolau Mountains out my kitchen window
  16. I drive/walk past the temple every day
  17. I can walk to work
  18. My kids think I'm cool
  19. The windchimes on my front door
  20. Waking up to roosters crowing (really I love it!)

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