Monday, May 12, 2014

1000 things (21-40)

21. It's sunny everyday (unless it's raining)
22. I read a book over the weekend
23. My husband wishes I spent more money
24. The kids in my neighborhood call me Auntie
25. My kids friends wave and smile at me
26. I just rode my bike to the grocery store and back
27. I play Organ at church
28. My son likes to go surfing with me
29. I have 7 pairs of shoes; 5 of them are slippers (flip flops)
30. When I get cold at night I pull a sheet over me and feel much better
31. I walk to church every week
32. My kids get themselves ready for school
33. I have a new subscription to Threads Magazine
34. I have a Mango tree growing in a pot at the end of my driveway
35. I enjoy working with college students
36. I cut my own hair
37. I cut my kids hair and they don't complain (usually)
38. We don't have a car payment
39. I have a degree
40. My parents are the bestest

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