Thursday, March 27, 2014

40 Before 40

I have a friend who is turning 30 soon and has spent the past month focusing on and completing a list of 30 goals: 30 before 30. I thought that was such a good idea that I decided to jump on the bandwagon. This year I turn 40. Here's my list of 40 goals that I want to accomplish before I turn 40.
  1. Travel to the Big Island
  2. Hike to Laie Summit
  3. Hike Stairway to Heaven
  4. Hike Sacred Falls
  5. Hike Makapu'u
  6. Hike Diamond Head
  7. Complete a Marathon distance
  8. Complete a sprint Triathalon
  9. Learn to cross walk my surfboard
  10. Learn to ride a skate board
  11. Ride my bike with no hands
  12. Be in a flash mob
  13. Make home made yogurt
  14. Make home made caramels
  15. Make Granola Bars
  16. Make Gyros
  17. Make CocoPuffs (like Liliha bakery)
  18. Make authentic Pani Popo
  19. Get or make a dress form
  20. Sew a Hawaiian Quilt block
  21. Learn to tat
  22. Sew Easter Dresses for/with my girls
  23. Sew/Tailor a suit for one of the boys
  24. Sew myself a blouse
  25. Sew myself a dress
  26. Make curtains for the house
  27. Learn how to use the embroidery machine at school
  28. Further develop curriculum for THEA 141
  29. Make a container garden
  30. Read the Book of Mormon straight through, marathon style
  31. Read Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
  32. Read Brave New World
  33. Read I am the Messenger
  34. Write to Gramma at least once per month
  35. Sort through kids memorabilia
  36. Get my photo albums up to date
  37. Place my photography for sale on Fine Art America 
  38. Buy a piano (or keyboard with weighted keys)
  39. Pay off my student loan
  40. Get my motorcycle endorsement

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