Thursday, January 16, 2014

Eagle Project Part 1

Heath is working on his Eagle Project this week. It has been nearly three years in the making! Not because it was really difficulty or we had to get all kine approvals. No, it was because we have moved so much. He had a plan for a project in Washington and then we moved. He got settled in the first ward we were in and had the idea and then we moved. He was able to use the same plan after we moved he just had new scout leaders that had to get to know him and, yeah, it has taken awhile.

We are so proud of his work on this and so thankful for his excellent scout leader Brother Jeff Tyau. He has been a fantastic help since Dave and I really don't have a whole lot of knowledge about what he wanted to do. He is building and installing two benches for the Malaekahana Bike Path. This is the same path the kids ride to school every morning and that I run on regularly. It is a favorite spot of active families in the area.

With all the planning completed and approvals received and donations gathered Heath  and Bro Tyau headed out Tuesday to purchase the materials needed. At 7pm that night some of the 16-18 year old boys from the ward came over and helped him measure and cut and drill and prep all the wood. They were done by 9 and rewarded with bowls of hot brownies and ice cream.

Wednesday night the 11 year old scouts along with a few of the 16-18 year olds came over to help prime and paint the pieces. They too were rewarded for the efforts with treats.

Tonight Heath will be assembling and then doing touch up painting on the benches. Not sure who is coming over this time but I'll let you know in part 2 when I also tell you about how the install goes. So excited for him.

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