Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Christmas Stockings Complete!

I did it! I did it! I did it, yeah! It has taken me 17 years to finish these stockings but they are finally done.

This year I finished cross stitching the girls names on the top section, I unstitched all the basted seams in all the stockings, I add grosgrain ribbon piping around the name piece and grosgrain ribbon hangers, and I stitched them all back together including the lining! Just in time for Heath to graduate and leave for his mission.

I did have a scare on Christmas Eve (when I was sewing all of them) when I couldn't find MY stocking. I finished everyone else's stockings for Christmas and thought I'd have to go another year without. Miraculously my stocking was found when we cleaned out the girls bedroom a couple days later. It was stuffed in a grocery bag full of dress up clothes. Imagine that!

Well, in order to accomplish my New Years resolution of finishing these stockings (I think it's been a resolution for at least the last 4 years) I had to get that stocking done ASAP. First thing New Years Eve morning it went under the needle and I had the basting torn out, the piping put in and it all stitched and assembled in 30 minutes time.

 Guess it's time to find a new project.

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