Monday, December 30, 2013

Cleaning Day

Since moving to the new place things have been in disarray. We never really unpacked. We kinda pushed things into closets and corners or the spare room and left them there. With the holidays and the party's that followed close after the move things haven't gotten any better until yesterday.

Yesterday after church I came home soooo tired and I wanted to sleep. I walked into my room, tripped over a box of wrapping paper, knocked over a tower of clean clothes that were precariously situated on the corner of my dresser, and stubbed my toe on something hard sticking out from under my bed. Fortunately my fall was broken by a pile of pillows and blankets that were strewn on the floor. But the close encounter with the monster that was my room quickly set me into fighting mode.

When Dave walked into the room and saw the determination on my brow no questions were asked. He set to work too. Christmas junk was moved out, clothes were put away and the bed was made. Not enough. Dresser and nightstands were cleared, under the bed was cleared, the closet floor was cleared. Not enough. Cleaned out from under the bed, sorted through the nightstand drawers, organized the top shelf in the closet. Not enough. We ripped through the closet and the dresser drawers. We culled our wardrobes of junky, old, and little-used apparel. We sorted through junk boxes and drawers and baskets. We even took apart and reassembled the bed fixing the squeak that was keeping me up at night.

When we were done I felt 10 pounds lighter. No clutter, no trash, no piles, no dust. I even hung up some pictures, made my bed really pretty and sprayed some smelly air freshener. It was great! Until I walked out the door and glanced into the girls room. Ugh! It was horrible. It looked just like my room had looked: like a tornado had hit it. I went to work.

By 8:30pm last night two rooms in my house were clean. Hurray! I've got a lot left to do but it was a good start and the girls were so excited to go to bed and wake up in a clean room. They even invited friends over to see it: an Open House. Let's hope it stays clean for more than a day.

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