Thursday, November 07, 2013

Opening Night

It's that time again: Opening night! All the costumes are done and everyone looks great. Now I get to sit back and relax and watch it all play out and hope that nothing goes wrong. But if it does I will be here waiting to fix it with a safety pin, needle and thread or some duct tape. The show must go on! 

This semester's play is Blithe Spirit. The cast is small and the costuming is fairly straightforward. It was supposed to be set in the 40's but I wasn't feeling very inspired by the 40's and asked if we could do the 50's instead. I'm glad I did because my students were so excited about the full skirts and the big hair and the red lipstick.

 Like I said, the costumes were pretty basic; the majority were found right up in our own costume wardrobes. We had some altering and embellishing to do, accessories of course. I made one dress from scratch and bought a pair of pajamas. My total budget for the play came in under $40. Tomorrow night will be picture night so I should have pictures up sometime on Friday. 

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