Saturday, November 30, 2013

Girls Tennis

The girls and I have had quite a first season of tennis. They enjoyed learning the game and I enjoyed (as an assistant to the coach) getting a good refresher. We all started out at about the same level--bad--and have steadily improved.

Afton can comfortably play a full match now. She is able to return about half of the serves and when it is her turn to serve she can get the ball over the net and into the appropriate box most of the time. And she looks cute on the court.

Being three years younger apparently means a lot when you're learning tennis. Cora is able to return a few serves and she can get a serve over the net about half the time. She sometimes gets bored or tired before the end of her match but she endures and always finishes. She is not great YET but she enjoys the game and always has a smile.

Neither one of the girls won any of their matches but they did win an occassional game or two and that was progress. We enjoyed the season and will be back next year for more.

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