Tuesday, November 05, 2013

5 minute recap

Here's what I've been up to:
  • Last week I finished up my month long project sewing 18 Mermaid Aloha dresses for a Hula group in Japan. Why they called me I don't know but they did. It was a crazy month getting those all done.
  • We had a great Halloween. We were working on costumes up to the last minute; had Witch's Brew, AKA Split Pea Soup, for dinner; and let the kids loose on Laie. Dave and I worked the candy booth/water station out front and passed out 3 Costco bags of Candy and 1000 cups of ice water. The candy was gone in an hour and the cups were gone in two hours. There were still people trick or treating when we packed up.
  • For my birthday I worked and sewed and cleaned up my house. Dave had classes in town and the kids all had plans so I turned off the phones and watched a movie. For dinner I had a bag of edamame and an orange. It was great. Really!
  • Saturday we had tennis matches and birthday parties and Dave had class and the boys had a scout activity and helped a friend move, and I had my contact lens fitting. I am not 100% sold on them. I feel like I am wearing goggles with a little water stuck around the edges. The doc said that would go away but it's not yet. I also don't think I'm seeing as clearly as I should. I am disappointed.
  • Signed a contract for the new place. We move in next Monday morning!
  • Last night was the first night of dress rehearsals for the Fall Play at BYUHawaii. The costumes turned out well and we only had a few minor changes to make today in class. I am excited for the play to be done so we can start watching movies and sorting through donated items and all that fun stuff my class does after the play.

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