Saturday, October 12, 2013


This past week has been Fall Break for the kiddos. Every Fall Break the elementary school puts on a Fall Break Play and invites anyone who wants to participate to join in. Cora was cast as one of Rapunzel's hairdressers and Afton worked with a group of Kindergartener's that were gingerbread girls. I got lassoed into being the costumer again.

I have mixed feelings about the play. I really like to see the Laie Elementary community come together to work on a big project like this. I think it is a fun activity for the kids. It is 2 hours each morning of fall break that they can come together and work on the project. They learn dances, songs, lines. They learn new skills, help with costumes, props, and sets. They make some great memories with their friends and they make new friends. The play always turns out fantastic and it is amazing the quality of the production when it is only put together in one week's time. There were over 150 kids in the play this year.

The things I don't like about the play are not really gripes with the play itself but rather about my participation in it. I don't mind sharing my talents and at one time in my life I would have relished the idea of doing a play with my kids and doing the costumes. That time was way back when I was a full time stay at home mom when 100% of my time was dedicated to my kids so a project like this I would consider "me time". It was ok then for me to spend some extra time away from the kids doing something I liked. Now I have a lot less time with them and only two kids interested in participating. I have to leave the other two at home. As a working mom and a mother of a Senior in High School I feel ever more greedy about the time I get to spend with my kids and I would rather be spending my time with all four of them. And now, since my jobs all involve sewing and costuming I really don't consider it "me time" to do this kind of thing. Now if I get "me time" I'd rather spend it surfing or running or sleeping all of which I do with my kids or in the wee hours of the morning before they are up.

I totaled up the amount of time I spent on the costumes (and will spend, I still have a few hours of cleaning and packing up costumes left to do) and found I spent at least 40 hours of my time on the project. That includes the meetings I went to, the script reading, the planning, searching the internet for ideas and patterns, shopping for materials, organizing projects and communicating with my group leaders and costume workers (other moms) all before the week of play. During the week of play I spent 2 hours at the school every day, an extra 3 hours Friday for the performance, an extra hour every day for prep and clean up, and 3 hours of time doing some sewing that my other workers weren't capable of doing. Some of this time was spent when I could have been hanging with my children and some of this was done during my work hours (my sewing business, not BYUH). I would have liked to take the kids on a day trip to one of the many sights on the island but due to Fall play and our crazy evening schedules that wasn't possible.

I don't know if maybe I'm just being finicky and maybe I'm just really tired (I am really tired) and moody and greedy with my time. Maybe I need an attitude adjustment. I just don't know if it is worth it for me to spend 40 hours of time on a project that I am not excited about doing. I feel guilty saying that too, like I should be more willing to share my talents and happy to serve and make others happy. 

I'm glad that Afton and Cora participated and had a fun time but they could have done that without me putting in all that time begrudgingly. We still wouldn't have been able to do a big day trip anywhere but I would have had more time to play with them AND I could have been getting my house clean and getting sewing projects done while they were at practice. Or I could have been sleeping.

**I wish I had a picture of Afton and Cora in their costumes but I was so busy with everyone else's costumes I totally forgot to take pictures of my own kids. I've checked friends pictures on Facebook but sadly my kids aren't in their pictures.

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