Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Not My Usual Tuesday

Tuesdays are my busiest day of the week. I spend my morning sewing from home. I attend the BYUH devotional with Dave, I teach class, I assist with the girls tennis team and the kids and Dave attend  Young Men's/Young Women's in the evening. In between we sprinkle chores, homework, and dinner.

Today is a bit different. The girls have an Ortho appt in Mililani. The truck is way overdue for it's Safety inspection and registration and the deadline to get it done is the 18th. While I'm in town for Ortho I will have to take care of that also.

About 3 weeks ago I took the truck in for the Safety check but it didn't pass. I had a few items to take care of and now it must be reinspected. Safety's are done first come, first served and the inspector leaves at 4. The dentist appointment is at 3:50 so I will need to do the inspection before Ortho.

I want to give myself 1 hour leeway for the appointment plus 15 minutes of travel time between the Safety check and the Ortho appt. This means I need to be at safety check no later than 2:35.

It takes 1 hour travel time to get to the Safety station plus I need an extra 20 minutes to check girls out of their schools. I have to leave Laie by 1:15. My class goes until 2:10 so I guess I will be cutting out of class early today. My students will be happy.

I will be going to 1 hour of class and then I can exchange my moped for the truck over at Dave's office. At 1pm. That will give me a few minutes to trade, and stop at the house to grab the cooler before picking up girls.

I'll go to Costco while waiting for the Safety (it is right next door)and I'll stop by Walmart after Ortho. I won't be around for tennis today so the boys will go in my place and I won't be home to make dinner so Dave will make Potstickers and Rice for himself and the boys.We should be home right at 7 if all goes as planned. Just in time to get Afton to Young Women's.

The two nearest (to the Safety station) Satellite City halls are in Wahiawa and Uptown Pearlridge Mall. Both close at 4. I will not have time to register the truck at the Satellite City Hall today. I'll see if I can leave 1st thing tomorrow morning and go to Kaneohe and do it. I have to stop at the Fabric Store there anyways. I need some upholstery fabric for the BYUH play.

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