Friday, October 25, 2013

Moving . . . again!

We are staying in Laie but it has just been decided that we are moving on November 11th to a 4 bedroom one street over. We will be staying in our current ward.

Dave and I have been antsy lately. We have really wanted to move and find a more permanent place. We couldn't do anything about it because we have 8 months left on our contract. I have been approached by a few friends who have had openings in their apartments and I've looked at their places but told them all we would have to wait until July. As recently as last night I went through my friend Eloise's house. She really wanted to get someone in her house right away. Dave and I decided we wanted to move there in July if she could find a short term renter in the meantime. It was the best we could offer.

This morning I was sewing and suddenly felt like I had to move my legs. I got up, walked around and couldn't shake it. I laid down and stretched out and as I did my phone beeped. I checked my messages and then scrolled over to my Facebook app where I saw a post from my friend Teresa, the owner of the house we've been living in. She posted that she was looking for housing in Laie for her friend who was moving here in a few weeks. They needed a 3 bedroom place and were having trouble finding anything from across the sea.

I called Teresa, Eloise, and Dave. After many phone calls to each of them complete with discussions, computations, negotiations and prayer everything fell into place to accommodate everyone's needs. Dave and I will get a more permanent (no end of contract date) home. Teresa gets to help her friend find a place. Her friend gets a place to live. Eloise gets a renter. It is amazing how that happens. A tender mercy of the Lord.

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